The 8 Biggest Printed Maxi Dress Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

I love a good Printed Maxi Dress. Maxi dresses allow you to still be comfortable wearing a dress in the evening after the sun goes down and the temps drop a little. In the south, a maxi dress is also great around sunset because they keep your legs covered when the bugs like to come out. So, there was nothing better to wear in Charleston than this perfect blue and green maxi dress (on sale!) on King Street this summer after a summer storm came through (another dress color option)!

Dresses for Wedding

King Street is a main street that runs down the peninsula of downtown Multi Colored Dress Short. From my family’s house, we walk up King to get to shopping, bars, and restaurants. So many of my favorite spots are on this street, which you can read about in my Charleston Travel Guide! I actually picked this dress up from the Club Monaco location on King Street!

Dresses for Wedding

This Multi Color Casual Dress was in the window and immediately had my heart because the color combo of blue and green has become very near and dear to my heart (you’ll see why in the coming months!). If these colors feel too summery to you, than you’ll be happy to know that the dress was just rereleased in fall colors too so you have options! I also love this similar dress.


I absolutely love the pattern of the Dresses for Wedding too and plan to wear it into early fall with a denim jacket or a green military jacket to make it suitable to the season. P.S. a military or field jacket is one of my favorite fall layers so I found a couple great options for you below.