Abstract Flower Paintings and Landscapes Executed With Acrylic on Canvas

In the world of contemporary art, there are scores of abstract artists and individual pieces that have helped to shape and define the modern directions of artistic thought and exploration. Playing with ideas about form, shape, color, and light, and moving still further to make statements about process and substance, contemporary abstract pieces often present viewers with a chance to not only take in the visual appeal of the painting but to delve into important questions about the genre itself. The world of the abstract painting is sometimes bizarre, sometimes familiar, yet always interesting. Whether presenting the observer with a kind of illusion or creating a blunt experience that makes no gestures towards secondary meanings or ideas, abstract acrylic paintings are enjoyed by scores of art fans around the world and continue to gain appreciation from new patrons and seasoned veterans and curators. Dilewis’s abstract art flower paintings and abstract landscapes have established a firm place for themselves within the modern culture of abstract art works, and they are sure to gain further momentum and notoriety as the artist’s special talent and eye for excellent aesthetics is introduced to a greater number of observers.

Exhibiting a deep understanding of the capabilities and personalities of acrylic paint and canvas, Dilewis graces each piece with interest and intrigue in ways that set him apart from many of his peers. One of Dilewis most developed relationships is with the function and the execution of line, and there are numerous angles and linear spaces in which to get lost in the majority of his works. Whether it’s a single stroke that seems to carry out the long note of a musical instrument or a series of linear movements across the canvas that call to mind a series of steps or a dance through the streets, Dilewis use of line is a wonder to behold and invites the observer to take part in the development and translation of the piece itself.

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Color is also handled with maturity and grace in these often startling abstract acrylic paintings. From rich and deep reds that seem to hold entire worlds of complementary shades within their painted spaces to lively greens and yellows and throughout the vivid spectrum, Dilewis displays a remarkable talent for quenching the thirst of the eyes and of the mind with well-chosen and beautifully executed color. Just as adept with more muted pieces, the artist portrays a creative world in which color is the principal majesty, always affording a special interest to shade and tone and carrying out each color with an enduring confidence. The result is at once refreshing and pleasing to the senses, and this ensures that every viewing of these abstract acrylic paintings is as exciting and interesting as the first.

Spirit becomes of special importance in abstract flower paintings, and in many cases becomes the subject itself, inviting the viewer to inject a piece with their own interpretation and meaning or to simply follow the possibilities presented by the painting. Dilewis spirit is consistent throughout his abstract works, belying a true passion for his craft while also bringing out shocks of emotion and deep reserves of calm. Through journeying across a canvas with the spirit and energy of Dilewi’s brush, viewers are likely to be treated to a sense of the experience of creating the work and of harboring the very inspiration that leads to such paintings.

Bestowing his works with a sense of power, of drama, of emotion, or of pure style Dilewis brings the allure of abstract acrylic paintings to a wide audience with his precise set of skills and soaring talent for the genre. Placed within the home or office, hung in a small personal gallery, or tucked away somewhere private, these abstract floral Wall Paper Perth and abstract landscapes are sure to bring pleasure and interest to any art enthusiast who has a taste for the exotic while also appreciating the essential nature of modern abstract art.