The best product why choosing spray foam insulation?

When we think about weather protection, temperature control and internal atmosphere, the only solution is to insulate the outer and inner walls of our homes. There are many forms of materials and products available in the market for insulating such as foils, polystyrene, pipes, glass and others. However one product that has become very well known is spray foam insulation. This has been in use for over thirty years but has gained much popularity in the past decade or so.

What exactly is spray foam insulation

This comes in canisters just like any home or office fire extinguisher canister. Based on the same principle, this is in liquid form inside the container, put when sprayed out into the atmosphere; it forms the shape of foam and becomes solid as well in the process. There are mainly 2 kinds of Spray Foam Insulation Near Me; open cell spray foam and closed cell spray foam. The main difference here is the intake of air into the foam and giving it a different consistency. Open cell insulation will let the air into the cells of the liquid, and will give it a soft sponge like appearance. This is also the cheaper option of the two. If you go with closed cell insulation, this will basically not let any kind of air into the cells of the liquid and in turn will become rigid in appearance, be more air tight, and will also not let air into the walls.

How to determine what kind of spray foam insulation to choose

What contractors and builders look for when choosing insulation is the environment and the R value of the insulation that can be used in a certain space. Keeping the budget aside, we have to decide what actually is best for our home’s environment when it comes to spray foam insulation. Contractors choose closed cell insulation for areas which can have a potentially damp environment or moisture; areas like the attic, the basement, and etc. This is because closed cell insulation will give better resistance against moisture due to its hard rigidity factor and higher insulation R value of up to R 7.1. Open cell insulation can be used for drier environments such as your room and houses’ outer walls, and etc. This is because of its ability to absorb moisture and lesser R value of R-4. This sticks to the surface just as the closed c ell insulation, but has air bubbles inside it which tend to give it a softer consistency.

What is the best option in spray foam insulation?

As a very honest opinion, there is no best choice when it comes to your home or office space. The best way to choose Spray Foam Insulation Business is to consider the factors described above and your environment and surroundings apart from the budget. If you are short on money, open cell will work just fine in any space you use it, but beware that it will not be long lasting if it is used in a humid or damp environment.