The Dangers of Progesterone Side Effects


Progesterone is the female hormone that has crucial effect in the female menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and embryogenesis. This type of hormone is declining after menopause. The lack of the progesterone is very dangerous to a female creature, especially human because if a woman doesn’t have enough progesterone, she will not be able to have a baby easily. Some researchers have been successful in creating progesterone in the laboratory. The synthetic progesterone is made from diosgenin steroid through some laboratory steps. The progesterone is made into several forms such as progesterone cream. However, the researchers also indicate some progesterone side effects.

The progesterone supply is said can ease menopause symptoms or reduce the risk of osteoporosis but the research shows that progesterone protects the lining of the uterus in women. The progesterone side effects that have been revealed by researchers cover bloating, breast tenderness, diarrhea, dizziness, drowsiness and many others. if you have these symptoms you’d better seek doctor’s help as soon as possible because the side effects can be worse in a few hours later. The side effects are caused by the body reactions toward external progesterone. The body immune can’t accept the external progesterone beside that the body has produced itself. However, not all people experience the side effect of progesterone and some others are only experiencing weak symptoms only. For the severe progesterone side effects, a woman may experience abnormal vaginal bleeding, bulging eyes, mental or mood changes, full loss of vision and hundreds of others.

The progesterone side effects also can occur if the progesterone is given with the combination of other hormones. A research has indicated that estrogen-progestin combination drugs and pulmonary embolism have caused progesterone side effects. In this case, the patients should be observed carefully. Another reaction has also been observed in patients with estrogen-progestin combination drug. Their blood pressure is rising, unnatural premenstrual syndrome, libido changes, headache, and many others. The progesterone is very crucial for the female body and if you have problems or feel something unusual when you use progesterone, you should see your doctor soon. The doctor will conduct some test and gives you the diagnose result. A prescription may be given for you to get the most effective medication for the side progesterone side effects. However, if you only feel usual symptoms, you can find a lot of information about the progesterone side effects from the internet. Just use your search engine or you can open health site where you can find many articles about the progesterone hormones.