Explanation on Why Baby Boy Summer Pyjamas Is Important

baby boy summer pyjamas

It is now thought a mistake to keep asking the child to empty its bladder as it is important to strengthen the bladder muscle. On the contrary, the child should be encouraged to drink plenty of fluid, not fizzy or unnaturally colored drinks. Parents are advised not to wake the child when they go to bed to have him urinate. The muscle should be developed to hold water for many hours and release when appropriate.

Unless there is also a regular problem with daytime wetting the problem Baby Boy Summer Pyjamas is “in the mind” as are many problems. Our mind controls everything including sending a message to the bladder to contract the muscles and hold the water.

Who decided that the child should stop wearing night-time nappies? Usually the mother just wants to reduce her workload perhaps when a new baby comes along, or decides “it is time”. This may be too soon for the child who should have some say in choosing the moment. My younger son decided to stop on the same day as his older brother and has never had a wet night.

Baby Boy Summer Pyjamas
Baby Boy Summer Pyjamas

Night-time nappies give a false sense of comfort as they keep the child snug whereas waking up to a cold, wet bed is unpleasant and so a motivation for the child himself to stop. Lying on a waterproof mattress protector minimizes the laundry. If the child has to further help with the laundry involved, this will also add to the motivation to stop bed-wetting but this should be done as a responsibility rather than as a punishment. Dry nights should be praised, recorded and rewarded to reinforce the positive.

If the child is invited into the warm parent’s bed each time, rather than having to help with the Pyjamas for Babies immediate laundry change, this could set up a “secondary gain” which will unconsciously encourage the child to keep wetting so be firm.

The child will usually feel too embarrassed to want to do sleepovers. I find a good motivation is to talk about the fun of being a scout and going on weekends away and the summer camp, or on activity weeks.