Retained Non Profit Employment

Retained Recruitment has been a consultant since 2015, and has worked in the Brisbane, Australia and has presented to the Non profit employment sector in Brisbane City. They are Moderator of Nonprofits Online.

The works in all areas of organizational development and nonprofit community-based systems. They work includes planning and evaluation, fundraising and financial planning, organizational development, board development, and systems of care. They have worked with hundreds of non-profit employment and been given many awards for work.We are experts in working with health and human service agencies, children’s’ programs, aging, housing and other health and human service activities. We worked with communities and states to successfully build nonprofit interagency networks. We worked with arts organizations and arts in the schools’ programs.

Retained Recruitment has written over 25 traditional publications about nonprofits and civil society, and over 50 online articles. She edited and published “The Digest of Nonprofit Management,” and “Tools for Nonprofits.” She has written chapters in a number of books and has published books including “The Devolution Toolkit,” “Sustainability for Non profits,” “Managing Great Grants,” “Program Evaluation Made Easy,” and others.

Non-profit employment Online provides you with the most up to date information and resources you need to manage your nonprofit. The site has been developed by Retained Recruitment, a well known nonprofit consultant, and the principal of New Ventures Consulting. You can find more information about the website.