Unbiased Review of Google PageRank


History of Google Page Rank

As we all know that there were two guys namely Larry Page and Sergey Brin behind the scenes, they are the founder of Google Inc. Its name is PageRank because this was developed at Stanford University by Larry Page. This project was started back in 1995 and Google was founded in 1998. Therefore the name PageRank is a trademark of Google and it was patented to Stanford University SEO Company San Jose.

How often PageRank Updates?

Nobody exactly knows how often Google updates PageRank but records show that PageRank updates 4-5 times a year on average. Do you know when PageRank updates? No, I don’t think so you know it. I even don’t know. Only google SEO knows about it. We know that Google updates PageRank 4-5 times per year; this creates confusion for a lot of people. People think that PageRank only updates 4-5 times in a year but the fact is that it is being calculated all the time in the back-end.

We see PageRank from Google Toolbar and this means Google updates their toolbar PageRank 4-5 times a year on average.

Google Page Rank

Why is PageRank Importance?

Google PageRank is one of the very main factors which decide the ranking of San Jose SEO Google search results. Everybody wants to search ranking higher in search engines. PageRank is made upon how many votes you have and the importance of those votes. Since everybody wants to rank higher in search engines so getting higher PageRank is one of the good ways to get high organic rankings, San Jose SEO.